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Bonus Gifts 

After you give us an awesome review on Amazon, simply click below to register and claim your free gifts. Once we verify your review, you’ll receive links to take your own personal Workplace Profile Assessment or AVP, Attitude, Values, Personality Assessment. 

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The AVP Profile Report is broken into three major categories which include:

WORKSTYLE & PERFORMANCE PROFILE – This section is a summary of your strengths and areas for coaching and development based on responses to the items in the assessment. The report is focused around seven main dimensions addressing different aspects of your workstyle. Keep in mind as you read the report, the right side scores are not better than left side scores. There are positive and negative implications for both right side and left side scores, although certain scores are more preferable for certain roles.

WORK VALUES & ATTITUDE – This section is a summary of your work values and attitude calculated from the assessment. Everyone has core traits and personal standards for behavior that manifest as "default" reactions to work situations. These "default settings" can be hard to change, but you can reduce the risk of negative outcomes by increasing self-awareness and actively managing counterproductive behaviors.

SAFETY QUOTIENT – In this section, you will receive a summary of your safety-related personality traits calculated from the assessment you completed. This assessment measures the key personality factors linked to safety outcomes in the workplace. Everyone has core personality traits and tendencies or "default settings" that affect behaviors. “Default settings” can be hard to change, but you can reduce risk by increasing self-awareness & choosing safe behaviors. The report concludes with a summary of your Safety Personality Profile and self-coaching suggestions.

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