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Bonus Gifts 

After you give us an awesome review on Amazon, simply click below to register and claim your free gifts. Once we verify your review, you’ll receive links to download your Job Analysis Survey. Once completed submit to the address of the form and John's Team will have your own your way to "Breaking The Code"!

Free Bonus Gift 2

In Breaking The Code, Hiring Strategies, Occupational DNA® & the Modern Organization, John introduced you to Occupational DNA and how job modeling can effectively aid in identifying, and selecting top performing employees.


Now you can take the first step in creating your own Occupational DNA performance model. Our Job Analysis Survey (JAS) will allow you to create a prototype Performance Model for your organization’s unique requirements for a specific job. It includes questions about different job-related activities.


A JAS is completed by one or more individuals who supervise the position and who are very familiar with what is required to perform successfully in that position.


Once completed, John’s team will utilize the data from the JAS to build your own Occupational DNA® Performance Model just like John did in his book.

Also, one or more Job Analysis Surveys may be used in this process.

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